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We strive to be a trusted and collaborative partner for technology companies to evolve into a medium to create meaningful work

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We believe there is a gap between product management and people ops that needs to be filled in. Building a successful technology company is beyond just having successful Product and Engineering departments. You need all teams to work together towards the same goal. Thus, our offerings are based on this quest: how to engage and excite every other teams — besides Product and Engineering — to work together as a team?


Building Narrative

To inspire, engage, and align your organization you need a shared story. A shared narrative that connects people, inspires them to engage, and makes them proud of the collective achievements. We can help you create and communicate your own company / product narrative.


Product Management

When we’re running our own Product team, we thought it’d be nice to have some help by someone who understood our real challenges: growing a Product team, managing expectation, prioritization, bridging multiple departments together, and so on. We’re here to help you with those challenges.


OKR Training

We will partner with your Human Capital department to facilitate your company to adopt OKR (Objective Key Results). We’ll help you set up the initial process, deliver hands-on workshops, and build your company’s goal muscle.

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Books that specifically talk about product, people management, and storytelling — including anything in between. We carefully distill the insights for you.


Our own conversations with people who share the same beliefs behind our work, and also who are on the opposite side. We value both views.


We’d explain the concepts on which we’re basing our work, also include what experienced others have learned (including mistakes and traps to avoid).

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We published our thoughts and collection of work, including previous editions of our newsletter, on Medium. It is also a good place to connect with our writers.